Mr. Tides


Welcome to Mr. Tides!

A little humor about the importance of checking the tides: Non-Sequiter comic strip

Mr. Tides is designed for the Macintosh. It does not work on iOS, nor can you download it using an iPad or iPhone.
For the iPhone, please look at
AyeTides. For the iPad, we have AyeTides XL. We also have a bundle that includes both AyeTides and AyeTides XL. Thanks Apple!

Mr. Tides has been updated to version 4.3.3. This version fixes a problem with displaying the area list when MacENC or GPSNavX requests the tide stations.

In v.4.3.2 we addressed a few minor issues with the Sparkle updater, and we've added a preference pane to configure the updater.

In v4.3.1 we’ve fixed a number of issues, including:
  • Opening stations is much faster
  • We no longer report an error when opening certain stations.
  • The map now shows latitude and longitude grid lines, and selecting regions is much faster
  • The list of stations in the map now slides in from the side, and you can now pick a station from that list.
  • Minor bug fixes in several areas, and
  • The database has been updated and now includes over 12,000 stations worldwide! We have a Google™ Earth™ kmz file that shows all the stations, zoom in to a region to see all the stations we have there!

Click here to download Mr. Tides! (Mac only)

If you have problems downloading Mr. Tides, please try a different browser. We’ve had reports of issues when downloading the app, but we’ve not been able to pinpoint the problem. Using a different browser may help. If you do encounter a problem with the download, please contact us so we can try to resolve the issue. Thanks!

Important note!

We have been having difficulties with the Sparkle updater that we use to deliver update notices to you. Sparkle will consistently fail to install the update on your Mac. This is because we are following Apple’s guidelines for security, and Sparkle cannot function properly with a sandboxed app like Mr. Tides. We are found the solution, but you must manually download the 4.3.0 update, unzip the archive, and drag the new version over the old version. This is the only way to update Mr. Tides. After this, you won't have to manually install the app as the Sparkle updater will work and all will be well.

Some views of what Mr. Tides can do:

The main day view can show a great deal of information, in one easy view. You can see the day’s tides (or currents, if you select a current station), set a marker line to know when the tide hits a certain value, slide the target along the graph to show the value at any time, select to show up to 4 days at a time, and more.

The calendar views shows the entire month at a glance. Clicking on a day will open that day. Moon phases are shown as well.

One of the significant updates has been to station selection. The old pixelated satellite images have been replaced with a dynamic vector-based map. Zooming in and out is supported, as is region selection and dragging. Clicking on the station (T for tide, C for current) opens that station. Clicking on the blue dot will show a list of the stations at that location, when there are more than one.

There is much more to Mr. Tides as well. We encourage you to explore the various views and see what each offers!

Mr. Tides is shareware and is not restricted in any way.
Click here to download the new version! (Mac only)